Month: September 2021

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Andy partners with Fleetwood Town Community Trust’s NCS programme to support young people

Fleetwood Town Community Trust have continued to support and develop young people aged 15-17 years old on National Citizens Service (NCS) throughout the summer.  The Trust has worked with over 70 young people from varied backgrounds during the three phase initiative, Be Epic, Live Life and Social Action Projects. Andy recently visited Rossall School to judge the NCS group’s enterprise challenge.

The initiative aims to raise aspirations of young people, with small groups planning, delivering and pitching their “Enterprise Challenge” proposals to the judging panel, consisting of Andy Pilley and also the Community Development Officer at Fleetwood Town Council, Lauren Harrison.

The winning team designed and pitched a concept to generate electricity through physical activity, with data collected by a piece of technology to be used in footwear. Andy explained, “I was delighted to be asked to judge the NCS group’s enterprise challenge event, which turned out to be the highlight of my week!  Considering the age of the group and the limited amount of preparation time they’d been given, myself and the rest of the judging panel were blown away by the presentations, which were all very engaging and delivered with confidence.

As a businessman myself, I could easily have been persuaded to invest in at least one of the products! The entire group were all receptive to our feedback and questions, I have no doubt they will all go on to great things – I wish them every success for the future.” 

See what to expect with NCS Summer Phase Two:

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Chairman visits Community Trust sports camp at Poolfoot Farm

Chairman Andy Pilley took time out his day on Friday to go and see all the children on the Community Trust’s sports camp, based at the Poolfoot Farm, the Club’s training complex.

Andy received a heart-warming card from one of the kids, Star Worthington, which mentioned how she has really enjoyed her time on the sports camp and wanted to thank the Chairman for making it available for her and everyone else there.

The camps, which are also at Carleton Green Primary School and Shakespeare Primary School, are keeping local children active with multisport, games, and activities which lead to daily prizes available for everyone who attends.

If you would like more information about the camps, you can book your spot on the Community Trust website HERE. We look forward to seeing you soon!